Fantasize your events with the Fanciest Flowers – An Ultimate Guide to all the Colors of Flowers You’ll Ever Need

“Flowers are like friends, they bring color to the world”

If that is not true I don’t know what will be. Every special occasion deserves an ambience that will transport you to another world. And the decor that one chooses will surely serve the purpose. Each occasion will emphasize one feeling and the depth of the feeling is developed by the flowers and other decorations.

Planning a wedding according to the color scheme you want might seem like a hectic thing to do, but here is a list of flowers that will help you sort out this diorama. Usually, wedding flower colors are chosen based on the color of the bride and groom’s outfits. The color of the flower should either be contrast or complimentary to the color of the outfit.

Now let us sort the wedding bouquets that you will be needing based on the Colors so that you can choose which colors you would prefer with your outfit.

1. Green Colored Wedding Bouquets: To give a refreshing green color bouquet you can choose hydrangeas that are available in green color. Little cacti and succulents are also a great addition to a wedding bouquet. Tropical flowers and green orchids can be used alongside the above mentioned flowers. Green foliage will give a touch of finishing to the entire bouquet. You can pair it with your outfit to finish with a Victorian touch to your outfit.Some of the flowers that you can use are: Bells of Ireland, Fiji Chrysanthemum, Green Trick, Hydrangea in green, Zinnia and the Green Rose.

2. Red Coloured Wedding Bouquets: These are the classic addition to your wedding. What more can ring the wedding bells than a bouquet adorned with red flowers. The ultimate choice of flowers for this will be the red roses. The red color signifies passion and intense love. Red flowers are a great yet minimalist addition to your white wedding dress.The list of flowers that sings with this theme are, Calla Lily, Carnation, Amaryllis, Red Gerbera, Chrysanthemum disbud, Leucdadendron and Red Tulips

3. White Colored Wedding Bouquets: What are weddings without the essence of a white color theme that symbolizes sovereignty in simplicity and purity. The versatility of white colored bouquets are unbeatable. They go along with any color dress and you can pair it neatly with a few greens as well. In addition, it adds a rich look to the entire wedding theme.Some flowers you could use are, Gardenia, Hybrid Lily, Narcissus Paper White.

4. Pink Colored Wedding Bouquets: Pink is a color that weighs light on an entire wedding theme. You can give a feminine finish to the wedding. There are multiple varieties of pink roses in multiple shades and hues that can come handy when it comes to choosing the pink color.Some of the flowers are, Peony, Pink Rose, Sweet Pea, Pink Gerbera and Pink Ranunculus

5. Purple Colored Wedding Theme: Purple might seem like too dark a color to fit it into a wedding but then this color can make your entire wedding look like it is straight out of a royal descent. You can combine subtle and pastel colored flowers to give the splendid finish. Lime green is one such complimentary color and even yellow would be suitable.Some flowers you could use are Anemone, Calla Lily, Hydrangeas in purple, Lisianthus and Lilac.

6. Orange Colored Wedding Bouquets: This color scheme can be used in a particular season like summer or autumn. This would give a brighter tinge to your wedding than the usual weddings. You could make your wedding seem as loud as you want.Some flowers can be Asiatic Lily, Celosia, Dahlia and Orange Gerbera can be used.

7. Yellow Colored Wedding Bouquets: This is yet another color that is sure to make your wedding seem bright as the sun, you can choose pale yellow to chrome yellow colored flowers to deck your wedding. These soft colors can sing with your wedding outfit and also give a romantic look. You could use the following flowers, Yellow Gerbera, Poppy, Oncidium Orchid, Snapdragon, Spider Chrysanthemum and Sunflowers. You could try any of these flowers from Wudflowers to add them as table centerpieces to your color scheme. For green you can pick: Love Package, Floating Island and Natural Wonder For Red, you can choose Red Velvet, Lady in Red and Picture Perfect For White, you can choose Perfect White or Dress Rehearsal For Pink, you can choose Symphony in Pink, Pink Perfection, Rosy Revelation or Pretty in Pink For Purple, you can choose Purple Serenade, Born with Style or Back to Nature For Orange, you can choose, Love Entwined, Mandarin Scroll, or Coral Center-piece For Yellow, you can choose Sunburst Duo, Rare Beauty, Bags of Fun, Pictures of Italy, Look at Me or Fields of Gold.


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