About Us

Growing with the passion towards flowers and its’ beauty, our inspiration goes beyond a bouquet or an arrangement – it’s a lifestyle. We traveled the world looking for the most beautiful and breath taking flowers that mother nature has offered

We put in the love we hold for the living arts and creative design, to inspire and go beyond in creating signature floral designs for your special moments. Our design team accent every detail of our floral designs, turning all your special celebrations into an unforgettable experience that lives forever!

WUD has been bringing stories and feelings to life for over twenty years. We have crafted lasting relationships with our clients, capturing their unique visions with our bespoke floristry and setting the standards for quality, elegance and innovation with every design.

Visit our artisan studio and experience our hand-curated, beautiful fresh flowers for all walks of life and a perfect scenic place to connect with yourself – making the experience even more thoughtful.


Our Philosophy

At the heart of our studio practice is a love of the shape and form of flowers, combined with a creative edge. We’re passionate about celebrating nature in our installations and working with seasonal flowers and foliage helps us to keep within nature’s own cycle. We are, and always have been, committed to finding ethical, sustainable solutions to the challenges within our industry. From using recycled packaging and wrapping, to donating waste flowers and plants to Flower Angels (a charity the promotes wellbeing through flowers), we are continually looking at ways to reduce our carbon footprint and benefit the local community.

Our Approach

At Wud Flowers, our passion for flowers starts early – around 9am to be exact – when we arrive at the flower market to hunt out the best stems and foliage we can find. Working with local growers has always been important to us and we’ve been sourcing our blooms from UK suppliers wherever possible for over a decade.

Back at our busy studio, surrounded by hanging gardens and a bathtub full of flowers, we begin sketching designs for our installations. We create designs for venues and clients the length and breadth of London – and further afield.