Adorn your Wedding With the Best Bridal Bouquets – Top 5 Flowers For Your Wedding

Weddings are surely events that all of us look forward to and when it comes to the bride and the groom, it would be an event that is going to be etched in their memories for the rest of their lifetime. To make their dream wedding come true, creating the apt environment is of utmost importance. So today, we will see top popular flowers that are used in weddings.


1. Roses
The Bride and Groom are a match made in heaven and so are Roses and Weddings. The versatility of the roses help one to use them for various parts of a decor. You can use them for bouquets, as centerpieces to tables and even as the stage piece. The rose petalas alone can be used for decor or the entire flower can also be used.

The variation in the types of roses makes it easy for us to use them in multiple places apart from just the usual bridal bouquet. Spray roses are one such example for smaller decor pieces.

We at Wudflowers have a range of rose arrangements that you can choose from.

The Lucky in Love bouquet reiterates all the love and luck that we need. This bouquet encompasses 70 red roses in order to symbolize the number 7 which denotes luck and auspiciousness.

The Hearts and Roses is another amazing piece of art from Wudflowers. You can make this the centerpiece of the newly- wed’s table at the wedding. This is sure to catch the eye of all the guests. It is an entire epitome love and a reason to celebrate

Lady in Red, this is the piece that will accompany you down the aisle as a bride. This is a showstopper.

2. Peonies
One of the most expensive flowers that are used in all the weddings. Nevertheless, they definitely do the job of giving the entire wedding a whole new look of grandeur. This will amp up your wedding in more than one way.

You can buy Ladies’ Day from WudFlowers and add it as a beautiful centerpiece to the bride and groom’s table. It will add a rich elegance to the wedding. The vase is also given an additional accent with the green leaves and the bouquet itself symbolizes prosperity and happiness.

Another beautiful centerpiece bouquet is the Grand Duchess, these wedding flowers would add richness to the tables. This wedding bouquet does not come with only Peonies, it also has orchids, hydrangea, tulips and is given an edge of beauty with the addition of grass.

3. Dahlia
When it comes to bridal bouquets, Dahlia’s are a more pocket friendly version of the Peonies. They have a unique identity and the ability to grab attention more than any other wedding flower. They are also of various sizes which makes it all the more easier to decorate your wedding with these flowers.

From Wudflowers, we have the Artisanal Elegance which can be a splendid addition to your wedding decoration when it comes to bridal bouquet or even the table centerpiece. They are cooped along with some other flowers such as astilbe and garden roses to give it the finishing. This can be widely used as a table centerpiece when it comes to choosing a wedding flower.

4. Lilacs
These flowers are the epitome of delicate elegance when it comes to wedding bouquets or decors. They can easily be chosen as an option for bridesmaid bouquet, groom boutonniere or even in a table centerpiece. These flowers have got beauty hidden in their humbleness.

But, while choosing this as your wedding flower you’ve gotta be cautious because with this dainty comes extensive care and attention to prevent them from wilting. They are sweet smelling yet, they cannot be revived once they begin to wilt.

The Garden Gate is the addition of centerpiece flowers in your wedding. They have a pastel theme that runs across the floral work that gives a soothing feel when it comes together. These delicate lilacs add a tinge of love and passion to the wedding atmosphere.

5. Hydrangeas
These are the ultimate wedding crashers when it comes to bridal bouquets. These little flowers add more than just beauty to the wedding flowers. They have an antique feel and would definitely be the perfect choice as your wedding flower. The only disadvantage is that they are much shorter than all of the other flowers which makes it harder to maintain for longer durations.

However, these flowers are best in weddings when they are set as vases or table centerpieces. The Enduring Love is a wonderful vase that sings the love between the bride and the groom and gives us a heart full of love. The Hydrangeas are studded with roses alongside the protea as well. The vases give them an aesthetic tinge.

The Golden Moments vase is almost like a cascading vase which shows exquisite handicraft and beauty of the flowers itself. They are arranged in such a way that they seem to rise from the golden vase. These could be the flowers that adorn the master table at your wedding.

These are a few suggestions from us to you. We hope that your big day is filled with joy and happiness and all the loveliness from the flowers that surround it. “Let the love bloom like the flowers.”


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